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Grain Silo

Famtun Grains Systems is the number one system provider of commercial and farm grain silos. With our extensive range of silos, we can offer customers an unbeatable return on investment.

We have flat bottom silos ranging from 50T through to 10,000T and cone-based silos ranging from 50T capacity through to 1500T capacity. We can also custom-build your system to suit your specific requirements.

Flat Bottom Silo

FAMTUN's commercial grain storage systems are designed to handle large quantities of grain efficiently.

Every Famtun Storage System is designed for durability, safety, ease of access, and excellent value—providing you with commercial-grade quality at a reasonable price.

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Hopper Silo

The Hopper silo is engineered for optimum protection, ease of use, and outstanding strength and reliability. The perfect solution for grain and seed storage, wet holding in front of a dryer, and load-out tank applications. This heavy duty structure will last longer than you ever expected!

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How Grain Silo Work

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Famtun is with you every step of the way from initial site analysis to developing your custom grain storage plan to final completion of the project, helping you and your business grow. As you continue to grow, Famtun will grow with you.

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