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Grain systems performance review

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Many people loathe performance reviews.

However, evaluating their grain system after harvest is a smart strategy for farmers to make any required enhancements for the next season.

Storage space

Farmers should review their storage capacity before they begin storing grain.

If the storage capacity is less than the maximum amount of grain harvested, farmers should purchase additional storage.

If the amount of grain harvested is less than the maximum amount of grain storage capacity, farmers should consider buying smaller grain bins.


Drying capacity

Farmers should review the drying capacity of their grain system after harvest.

For example, if farmers are not harvesting a large enough percentage of their grain or if they are drying grain too slowly, farmers should consider increasing the drying capacity of their grain system.

Conversely, if farmers are drying too much grain at one time, they might need a smaller grain bin.

Grain handling

Farmers should review their grain handling system and determine whether they need to improve their system. Some examples include grinding grain through a different screen, using a different conveyor, or installing additional augers.

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Farmers should review their grain system for potential hazards related to safety.

For example, if farmers store too much grain on the ground and it begins to get wet, they might want to consider installing grain augers.

If farmers are storing large amounts of grain on the ground and they experience inclement weather, they might want to consider a grain bin.

Also, if farmers are using a belt conveyor and it’s running too fast or the conveyor is too close to the ground, they might want to slow down the conveyor or raise it.


Ultimately, farmers who review their grain system after harvest can come up with specific strategies for next year that will improve their system.

The most important piece of advice is to be thorough when reviewing your grain system.

That way, you can identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your system so that you can make any necessary adjustments and start the next season off right.

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  1. Small holder farmers who produce 30 tons, should use smaller grain storage system of which type?

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