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Steel plate with high galvanized content, more sturdy



5+ years of experience in production



Own factory to ensure quality and lower cost



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Famtun grain silo projects

500 Ton hopper bottom silo ZhangZhou-Fujian

1000 ton hopper bottom silo NanTong-Jiangsu

5000 Ton Grain silo-Zhucheng

10000 ton flat botton silo Tacheng-Xinjiang

10000 ton flat bottom silo Yecheng-Xinjiang

flat botton silo project
500吨hopper bottom silo (3)


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Our factory can provide a complete set of intelligent storage systems, including silos and various supporting equipment, such as conveying equipment, temperature measurement systems, drying equipment, cleaning equipment, and other equipment.

Our company produces steel plates with higher density and thicker thickness, which is beneficial for load-bearing. Reliable quality, safety, service: before/during/after sales, feedback within 1 hour.

  • Light weight
  • Mold production
  • Good interchangeability
  • Low construction cost
  • High degree of automation, saving labor
  • Simple structure; large capacity, wide range of options.
  • Protect food security
  • Long service life
  • Convenient maintenance

There are many cases of our transactions, distributed in various regions of the world. Include South Korea, United States, Australia, Italy, India, Panama, Argentina, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates and so on.

Orders can be placed through the Alibaba International website, or contracts can be signed directly with the company.OB/CIF/EXW and other forms are available

We can accept all payment methods such as T/T, L/C, etc.

For large orders, we will offer certain discounts on the original price, committed to better service and more suitable prices.

Yes, the discount rate increases in steps according to the size of the order.

Failure to perform obligations in accordance with the contract.

Our company provides installation technology consulting and consulting related to silo foundation knowledge. Send engineers to guide the installation.

Our engineers can conduct on-site training for operators, and online training is also available.

Of course, when the project starts construction, we will have technical engineers to guide the installation and provide corresponding installation drawings and simple videos.

We will provide pallets, wooden boxes, pull film and other packaging methods according to sea or land transportation to protect the product and prevent damage during transportation。

Shipping and Logistics: Most of them are shipped by sea, because our goods are relatively heavy, and they can also be shipped by land.

Sea, air, and land transportation are all acceptable.

Yes, we will provide logistics information after shipping.

Everything follows the contract details.

We have an obligation to protect customer information from being leaked. Sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Sign a non-disclosure agreement, or include relevant information in the contract.

Our employees have received professional confidentiality training and signed a Non-disclosure agreement.

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